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About me

My name is Chiz Chiama, and I am the owner of Chizabella Organics which is my organic skin and hair care line and branch of my main company Chizabella Treasures, my online shop for unique, spiritual and inspirational gifts.  

My background is in Psychology. I currently work full time whilst growing my business which I started, like so many people during the global pandemic in 2020.

The owner

My Story

The story of Chizabella Organics started back in 2018 when my mum was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and was given 3 months to live. 

Anybody who has ever supported a loved one with a cancer diagnosis would know how devastating this is.  So, while we were waiting for chemo, I decided to do some research - I couldn’t just sit there and watch my mum die.


This is really where my journey with natural cures began.  Using a blend of fruit and vegetables as well as teas made out of soursop leaves, we managed to nurse my mum back to good health within weeks and we enjoyed a further 21 months of her before she sadly passed away in 2019.  


This inspired me to explore the natural ingredients in skin care. From exploring natural ingredients I decided to do a Diploma in Organic Skin Care as well as an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Science. This has helped me to get a robust all-round knowledge, not only in formulating amazing organic skin and haircare products that work, but also to embrace the wonderful healing properties of ingredients that are most of the time right there in front of us. 

After my experience with my mum, I learnt not to rely solely on modern medicine, but to look to the resources around us to heal ourselves of various ailments.  This is why my focus is on making skin and hair care products from natural ingredients, (mainly plant-based) ensuring that the products are free from harmful chemicals, parabens, phthalates, sls/sles, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

What are these harmful chemicals and why should you avoid them?

Parabens: This is a type of preservative used in many cosmetic formulations to ensure longevity and to avoid the growth of mould and harmful bacteria.  Research in 2004 found a link between parabens and breast cancer.

Phthalates: These are chemicals found in plastic or cosmetics.  Whilst the effects of this ingredient have not been studied extensively, it is believed to be an endocrine-disruptive chemical.

My Vision

Inspired by my mum’s experience, the fundamental goal for Chizabella Organics is to produce ‘Cruelty-free’, ‘free from harmful chemicals’ skin and hair care with organic and locally produced ingredients. Here at Chizabella Organics we help you to ‘Love your skin the natural way’. 

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