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Rose Clay with Oats Face mask

Rose Clay- Anti-bacterial in nature with astringent properties, rose petals exfoliate and soften skin while boasting extremely moisturising properties

Kaolin Clay- 

Collodial Oats -  Skin soothing and balancing, often used to treat inflammatory skin conditions due to its calming properties

To activate the mask: In a small bowl, combine a small quantity of clay with a small amount of Rose water provided to form a paste.  You can also use Aloe Vera juice, facial oil or honey can be used in place of water. Apply evenly to clean face and neck (avoiding eye and mouth areas) and let sit for 10 - 15 min. Rinse with water and finish with your favourite toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Rose Clay Face Mask with Rose Water

  • Rose clay, Kaolin clay, Colloidal oatmeal and Aloe vera powder

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